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Table of Contents


  • Import data from other tools to Zephyr.
  • Integrate Zephyr with other applications.
  • Get information about users, projects, releases, test case repositories and the underlying folders, test cases, custom fields, execution cycles.
  • Create new test case folders, test cases, requirements, execution cycles, execution phases.
  • Add/modify/delete attachments and phases of existing execution cycles.
  • Assign test execution schedules.
  • Update test cases and test case execution status.
  • Create an execution cycle and update the status of a test case execution run.
  • Run quick search and Advanced Search (use ZQL).
  • And more.


An API reference in the API Blueprint format is available here:


Most API operations require authentication. Zephyr Enterprise API supports the following methods of authenticating requests:


If your Zephyr Enterprise instance uses single sign-on, you must use API tokens.

If Zephyr is configured with internal authentication, you can use any of the API authentication methods.