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1. To search through your audit logs using filters, simply use the drop-downs dropdowns for each filter or type in the correct operation filter.


  • The log files are broken up at midnight and will append the date for the previous day to the recorded log file.

  • Log files essentially record up to 24 hours allowing users to navigate to the specific log file rather than parsing one enormous log file.


  1. We store all the Audit logs from the beginning, right?
    The audit logs are stored since the beginning of the application when it is installed. Once you install the build and log in as Test Manager, Test Lead, or Tester One you can find the “audit log” section on the “About Zephyr” page. Just provide or select the event that you want to see the details.

  2. Does our app remove audit logs automatically after some entries or count exceeds? Do we have any limitation on showing the total count/number of audit logs?


  1. Till the user manually truncate the records we will show ALL the audit log entries. Correct? All the log entries are retained, until the user truncates them up to the provided date. We can select up to the current date, future dates are not selectable.

  2. By using truncate option users can dispose of the audit log record based on the time frame and when they want.
    We can select the date from the drop-down provided and all the log entries on and before that date will be deleted. As of now, no option is available for selecting the time on a given date.
    If you select the current date, then all the logs are deleted, and fresh audit log entries begin afterward.