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10. Copy the Identity Provider Single Single Sign-On URL (IDP SSO URL), the Identity Provider Issuer URLID and download the certificate. Configure these within the Zephyr Connection Info section when setting up your SSO.


Setup User Authentication to SSO in Zephyr

1. Login as a user with Administration access. Click on Authentication and then Log in as an administrator, navigate to Administration > Authentication, and select Single Sign-On (SSO).


2. For Specify the SSO Identity Provider URL and SSO Identity Provider Issuer ID , provide the details which we you have copied from Okta before.

Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL (IDP SSO URL)

Identity Provider Issuer URL

Certificate File

3. Click on the Save button after filling in all the required information for SSO.


4. In User management, earlier and click Save.


The Test button allows you to check the specified URL. Clicking the button opens a new tab. If the login page of your SSO provider is opened in the tab, you have specified the correct URL.

3. Click User Setup in the pane on the right and create the same users as it was those in Okta with the expire credentials Expire Credentials unchecked, and then assign the users to the your projects.:


5. Logout of the account with user setup permissions and launch your Zephyr instance. This will show the login SSO as home page.

64. Log out from the admin account and try to log in to Zephyr again. Th SSO login page will open.

5. On the SSO page, log in with your Okta credentials. After entering in the correct credentials, it will log you into Zephyr directly.